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Zombies, Memphis, and Toboggans

On May 28th at precisely 6:32 pm, the normally quiet streets of downtown Memphis erupted into the flagrant flurry of festering flesh that is the annual Memphis Zombie Massacre.

The roads ran red with corn syrup as the undead participants faced a horror worse than their own potent halitosis…the sickening specter of Doctor Harold Toboggans.

Ever conscientious to cash, the Doctor dedicated himself to separating the recently reanimated from their money.

Joining Zombies Anonymous and Cerebitol AZ in the lineup of dubious products offered by Toboggans this year was the brand-new Zombait zombie distractant. (video to come)

For further accounts of this heart-rending event be sure to check out scribblescrawl, TheoGeo, Zach Breaux as well as the flickr photo pool and the Doctor’s own Facebook album.

Green Like God?

It’s a point of some irony that those who most loudly maintain that the Earth is a personal expression of God’s creativity and artistry are often the most silent when it comes to protecting that art from mistreatment and vandalism by humanity.

This disconnect is not lost on Jonathan Merritt.

His new book Green Like God gently takes this contradiction to one of the most conspicuous areas of environmental silence in American society, evangelical christians.

Being a bit outside of that target audience, I found the early chapters challenging to my patience. I kept asking myself, “How many Bible verses do you really need to justify doing the right thing?”

But over the course of the book I came to respect Merritt’s commitment to developing a solid framework for environmental concern, one grounded in the Biblical narrative and designed to outlast fads and shifts in public opinion.

You won’t find fancy or emotional language here, just patient teaching, sound theology, and the gentle encouragement to step outside political camps and view the earth from God’s perspective.

Merritt takes not just environmentalism, but consumerism and social justice as well, strips them of their divisive political trappings, and presents them as the spiritual questions that they are.

Green Like God invites evangelicals, in their own language, into a conversation for which they are long overdue.

The Center Strikes Back – Mind Over Memphis: Episode Seven

In which the ever-egomaniacal Doctor Harold Toboggans concludes his three-part assault on Church Health Center Wellness.

Will he finally cure the Center of its not-for-profit orientation? Does he ever find the elusive Dr Scott Morris? Can he truly prevent prevention?

Discover the answer to these and many more questions in this earth-shattering video.

The Center Strikes Back

As much as I would like to believe otherwise, I’m afraid we’ve not seen the last of Dr Toboggans. I have no doubt that entirely too soon he’ll be fully recovered and inflicting himself yet again upon the defenseless city.


Dr Toboggans Video – Labor Relations

Although eager to finish his three-part series at Church health Center Wellness, Dr Harold Toboggans finds himself stalled by an under-performing workforce.

Watch as the dedicated doctor administers some motivational therapy to a delinquent member of his crew in this electrifying video.

Labor Relations

Stay tuned for the long awaited third installment of the Church Health Center intervention: The Center Strikes Back.